Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Game Over?

$1.19 trillion is owed to the Federal Reserve!!

Remember, the Fed is a private corporation. A large portion of its owners are also elitist banking foreigners.

If you add what is owed to the Fed with what is owed to commercial banks, you get the grand sum of $3.65 trillion. This is 34 percent of the total borrowed amount of $10.73 trillion. The Fed's $1.19 trillion is 11 percent of the total borrowed. Nice pay for six years of "work," no?

What exactly did the Fed do to earn this money? They didn't even have to go to the trouble of printing it. They just make digital entries on the master computer and the "money" appears.

They "monetize" political promises (lies), cow chips, failed mortgages, or whatever they choose. We owe them this sum! That, my friend, makes you a serf. Pay up.

At some point the national debt is similar to the debts owed by a bankrupt individual on a last-minute spending spree. Right before the plastic is cut into pieces. Broke is broke - might as well go out in style. Maybe the U.S. can find further funding to continue exponentially expanding its debt, but that is exceedingly unlikely.

Someone (individuals, institutions, or nations) has to continue loaning money to the U.S. When it becomes blatantly obvious to all that the money cannot be repaid, the loans will stop. There will be demands for repayment of existing loans. Game over.

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