Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finder Strategies

I use direct-response marketing methods to create "finder strategies" - ads that drive qualified prospects to me. I use classifieds, business cards, flyers, mailers, yard signs, and even Google AdWords.

Like all good direct-response advertising, these finder ads:

1. Have a compelling headline to capture my prospects' attention

2. Make a big promise to create interest.

3. Ignite a desire to find out more.

4. Tell my prospects exactly what action to take

The key to making these ads work is to make sure they offer helpful information to people facing foreclosure. People facing foreclosure experience a wide range of emotions. They can be angry, afraid, depressed - even ashamed. Most of them will be looking for ways to stop the foreclosure and save their homes. They want a solution to their problem... and they want it fast. The only thing they're interested in is ending their pain. The finder ad should do that for them.

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