Thursday, June 5, 2008


1. Modesty. You don't need to be the best and most successful investor in the world. If you set modest objectives - 10 percent to 15 percent - you will have a good chance of reaching them.

2. Humility. You don't know enough to predict the future. Admit it by setting stop-loss points and sticking to them.

3. Consistency. Umpteen studies have shown that the most important factor in stock market success is the consistent application of a rational system. Which system you follow is not as important as your consistency in adhering to it.

A 10 percent to 15 percent return on your investment may not make you wealthy overnight. But if you stick to these three virtues - and don't abandon them when you hear an irresistible story about a "can't lose" stock - chances are you will do much better than your friends and colleagues.

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