Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What actions should you take?

A good program will get you excited to get started. All you will be thinking about is "Firing"!

Taking action is critical to your success, but first take the time to make a plan.

This is the second half of getting ready. You have to know WHAT you want to achieve, but you also need to figure out HOW you will use what you've learned to achieve it. Then, take action!
When we took our first real estate investing program years ago, we skipped right through to taking action. We didn't carefully consider our long-range objectives. So we didn't have any real idea of what we should be getting out of the program. We just knew that we wanted to be rich real estate investors. The sooner the better!

Had we taken a few hours to set realistic, specific goals for ourselves, we could have saved tens of thousands of dollars on repairs and fines for the kind of buildings we shouldn't have bought, and three years of headaches with terrible tenants. And we could have achieved our goal of becoming millionaire real estate investors that much faster.

Taking good programs and learning from mentors is an excellent way to acquire the tools you need to take action and realize your dreams. But save yourself money and pain by getting "Ready" before you "Fire." Then - later - the "Aiming" part comes really easy.

Larry Potter

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