Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finger Length and Financial Success

Look at your hand. Is your ring finger (the one next to your pinky) longer than your index finger? If so, congratulations! If not... well, don't read any further.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge who studied male stock traders in London found that those with longer ring fingers tend to make more money (about five times more) than their counterparts with shorter ring fingers.

What does finger length have to do with financial success in the markets?

Here's one possible explanation offered by the authors of the study: The length of those two fingers is determined during fetal development. And a longer ring finger indicates increased exposure to the male hormone androgen. Androgen has been linked to increased confidence, persistence, heightened vigilance, and quick reaction times.

This "cutting-edge" research doesn't tell us however, what effect education, background, experience, and hard work might have on an individual's success as a trader. Because, you know, that would be silly.

(Source: Associated Press)

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