Sunday, February 24, 2008

We always get what we accept in our life's, no doubt about it.

I love to eat out and some times the meal comes and it is not prepared the way I requested it.
Most people say nothing and when asked by their server how the mealis will reply Fine,
Not me.

I will not hesitate to send a dish back if it is not prepared as requested.
Now this occasions are rare but it does happen
You get in life what you accept.

Most people never send anything back and will eat whatever is brought out to them and never say a word to their server or the owner who stops by to check on how they are enjoying the meal.

They just accept whatever is brought out and afterwards take their business elsewhere and never eat there again.

Most owners know this and would rather you speak up if something is not exactly right with your meal because they that the people who are not satisfied and say nothing do not come back and they lose a customer.

Yet some folks will just accept whatever it is , no matter how bad it is, say nothing but never return.

Everybody loses in that situation. Why am I talking about this today?

Well, how does this example relate to your life in 2008?
What things in life were you served that you readily accepted and said nothing about?
Who served you up a plate of criticism that held you back in 2007?

How about the plate of fear that came out steaming hot that you did not send back?
Every day, people are serving us stuff that we have to be smart enough and tough and wise enough to say no to.

Some of you were served the plate of "who do you think you are having a dream that big?
Or "who are you trying to kid with becoming a real estate investor"

It does not matter how ridiculous it is, people always love to serve it up, the more negative the better it is.

And people just sit there and accept it and never send it back.

You get in life what you accept.

Remember, the number 1 passion of people who do not have dreams is to destroy and cut down the dreams of others who have the guts enough to dream and believe in themselves.

They do not have the guts to have a dream so now their time is spent belittling those that do.

When this happens to you in 2008 , send that mess back to where it came from.

You deserve to be honored, loved and respected as do your dreams.

Accept only the best in every area of your life in 2008, even in the little things.

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